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Maya Gabeira

Maya Gabeira started surfing when she was just 13 years old in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Ever since, her passion has been the ocean.

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Racing for change

Alexia Barrier is a solo-sailing marvel! Whilst sailing across the Ocean, Alexia collects vital data on the state of the world’s most remote ocean areas.

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Reforesting the ocean

Thinking beyond just sustainable, meet Brian, the brain behind Urchinomics. Brian is team are restoring kelp forest, by eating urchins.

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Artash says, "I have created an open-source web app to measure anthropogenic noise levels in the global ocean. 'Monitor my Ocean' uses open hydrophone data gathered from 8 ocean observatories. ⁠

It will allow policymakers to evaluate if their 'Quieter Ocean' policies are working and giving endangered marine mammals a chance to reverse the decline in their population.⁠

I plan to expand the app to several other oceanic regions to crowdsource underwater ocean noise monitoring."⁠

Read more about Artash and his 'Monitor my Ocean' app now 🔻⁠⁠

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A noisy ocean is a stressful ocean.⁠

Underwater human-generated noise levels are on the rise.⁠
This acoustic pollutant in the global ocean is a threat to marine life.⁠
And annual growth in global trade means an increase in commercial shipping. ⁠

The noise from propellers and machinery of ships overlaps with frequencies marine mammals use for communication and navigation.⁠

It leads to stress and increases in ship-mammals collision, putting endangered species such as North Atlantic Right Whales or Southern Resident Killer Whales at risk.⁠

Find out more 🔻⁠⁠

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Erika is using her skills as a scientist to help teach all of us more about the ocean. But this is no ordinary classroom. Erika wants to help people understand what it feels like under the waves.⁠

Erika and her team at the Hydrous have developed amazing tools to help us all see life below the surface, without getting wet. These include a ‘virtual dive’ and an immersive film that invites viewers to go into the ocean’s depths.⁠

Dive in now 🔻⁠⁠

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"The ocean is important to me for the same reason it's important to everyone else. It's the ocean that keeps us alive." - Dr. Erika Woolsey.⁠

Yet, 60% of the world’s marine ecosystem is degraded or being used unsustainably, according to UNEP.⁠

Engaging with the ocean and understanding it better, is something we can all do today. Find out more 👇🏽⁠⁠

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