Maya Gabeira

Maya Gabeira started surfing when she was just 13 years old in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Ever since, her passion has been the ocean.

Diving into the ocean

Meet Erika Woolsey, a coral scientist, National Geographic explorer, dive instructor and someone who simply loves the ocean.

Racing for change

Alexia Barrier is a solo-sailing marvel! Whilst sailing across the Ocean, Alexia collects vital data on the state of the world’s most remote ocean areas.

Reforesting the ocean

Thinking beyond just sustainable, meet Brian, the brain behind Urchinomics. Brian is team are restoring kelp forest, by eating urchins.

Voice for the ocean

Imagine if the place you grew up in no longer existed? If the home where your first memories were made

Trouble in paradise

“We are all children of the ocean,” says Afaa, who grew up on the beautiful tropical islands of the Maldives

A life in colour

You may recognise Zack from the Netflix documentary, ‘Chasing Coral.’ The film documented first-hand the mass coral bleaching event of