Runa Ray

Runa Ray, 35 and from California is changing the way we think about fashion.

Wear your values with pride

GenOcean: What challenges do you see the ocean-facing?  

Runa Ray: Fashion is responsible for 20% of the global waste water with the dyes entering our ocean and the micro plastic pollution caused due to synthetic clothes. These elements destroy the ocean’s natural habitats and the delicate ecosystems.

GO: How does the ocean inspire you?

RR: It is the source for life on earth. Without the ocean we would not have water and with no water there is no life.

Reduce, reuse, recycle

GO: What action(s) are you taking to restore and protect the ocean? 

RR: Fashion is responsible for 20% of the global waste water that is generated through pesticides for land cultivation, dyes and textiles. An average t-shirt consumes 20,000 litters of water in its life time.

I wanted to get people to understand the impacts of the fashion industry which they are fuelling. I felt that it was time not to make new clothes, but to do something where we can educate people, but through fashion.

I created a collection based on the ancient art of water painting.

The process stops water wastage and contamination. It also eliminates the need for chemical prints, using natural organic inks splashed on the surface of water which is absorbed by the fabric

GO: What message do you have for others to inspire them to take action?

RR: We need to make rapid changes in our consumer behaviour and to treat the ocean with respect.

We need to follow a reduce, reuse and recycle model and inspire the fashion industry to take a more sustainable path.

The ocean has been our ally for millions of  years – it’s time to reciprocate.


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